Wednesday, May 30, 2007

show those Toes!

Oh yes is nice to pamper oneself specially when my atms piggys are the ones paying for my pedicures. I do love this color perfect for the summer time and all those lovely new shoes I bought last week...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Sandals

Yes nothing feels nicer that a brand new pair of sexy summer sandals on my feet, and even better since they are bought with the piggy's let's see I think a few more are needed in different color, and yes why not maching bag ofcourse that is a ...let's go pigs is time to pay up!!!

yahoo IM: ladyvanessa_l

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what to expect

Before you even think about hitting my CALL ME button keep this clear in your head..your job is to serve me to pamper me and spoil me. Your wallet should be open for me at all times. I do not talk to cheap wankers or broke wimps and yes I am very demanding, if your wallet is empty keep moving. Remember the only thing you are good for is to spoil, worship & pay Lady Vanessa.

You will pay your Princess weekly if not daily! I likes to be spoiled so make sure your account is full before you call and be prepared to go to my tip button, my wish list and pamper me as this superior goddess deserves.

yahoo IM: ladyvanessa_l

I am your Obsession!

I love nothing more then that fantastic feeling Of your cock rubbing my beautiful feet! and my shoes press against you hard cock as you lower your head and kiss each toe softly then you know who you belong to and who you need to serve.The only thing you are good for is licking a women's feet and shoes! Being trampled is even too much honor for you.
Your pathetic moans are the finest music for my ears, Your loud groans make me feel so excited and turned on,as you lick and suck my toes...I know you can't get enough!

yahoo IM: ladyvanessa_l


Here piggy piggy, this is for you to show me how much you are willing to give up for me, Now Pay up!!! Tribute Lady Vanessa 25.00 Tribute Lady Vanessa 35.00 Tribute Lady Vanessa 50.00 Tribute Lady Vanessa 100.00